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We know how stressful it is locking up for the day to return the very next day to your property being vandalised or broken into. Not to worry as here at Clear Watch Security we’ve forged a service that solves issues like these.

We do this by tailoring our solutions to protect and safeguard the property and people who work or visit our customers. We know how crucial a feeling of security is for your business and people, and that’s why we make sure to provide that feeling all the time, every day.Our security guarding and executive protection services are designed to meet your every need and make sure you, your employees, physical and digital assets are protected at all times.



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Who We Are


Hiring professionally trained security guards for your business is key to quickly addressing workplace security risks, such as crimes, thefts, and assault. From monitoring, deterring, and intervening in incidents to constantly providing peace of mind for employees. An Rawal Veritas Ltd. guarantees that the people coming in and out of your property are being monitored by real people – preventing an incident from ever happening rather than addressing an issue once it’s already too late to act.

Security guards are ideal for larger premises such as offices, supermarkets and building sites which are targets in the eyes of criminals due to their onsite assets, from physical valuables to data and machinery plant, it is a good idea to have someone to monitor the activity in and around your business to protect these assets!We provide physical presence to protect equipment, plant and machinery. Our officers carry out regular internal and external inspections. Our officers visit specified checkpoints around the site, hourly. They report any finding. Manned security officers walking around the site, out of hours wearing a high vis jacket provide a very effective visual deterrent. In our vast experience, we know that this is the best form of security for a construction site.

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Licensed Guards

Provide only the best security; trained and licensed professionals.

Experienced Staff

Our team has expert knowledge and experience to advise you on the safest way of protecting your assets and premises.

Dependable Service

We will recognise and implement the timely and excellent delivery of our service to you.