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    Our goal is to continue to hire exceptional personnel to provide extraordinary service to create phenomenal results.


    Event Security

    One of our most popular security services is event security. Whether you need marshals for a music festival or staff to manage the entrances of other events such as car shows, carnivals, and more, Rawal Veritas Ltd can help. Our staff are experienced in all types of security and will ensure that your event runs smoothly with no hiccups. As an experienced security company, we have successfully assisted in a great number of events both locally in London, and there surrounding areas.

    Whether you need a single door security guard or a full team of highly trained event security guards, Rawal Veritas Ltd range of bespoke event security services can help you make sure that your big day is remembered for all the right reasons.

    Rawal Veritas Ltd has been highly recommended when it comes to providing event security. Whether an event is large or small, Main Event has the right people, the knowledge, and the track record to ensure your event is secure, safe and well run. We provide security personnel with a strong customer service plus client focus, ensuring your guests make the most of their time at the event and that the client has all of their needs met.

    Our management team draws from their knowledge and experience as well as current up to date legislation, polices and procedures to meticulously plan and operate effective and appropriate measure in the running of your event. As all events are individual and unique, our team works closely with your event organisers as well as safety advisory group to ensure you event is delivered in the safest and ideal way how you want it.


    Our security personnel provide a professional service by creating a safe enjoyable experience to visiting members of the public, as a company we supply the service at numerous location around the country. Our emphasis is always customer safety with our primary objective: all patrons arrive safely, enjoy the day and leave safely.

    This is achieved by providing a professional, proactive, courteous approach towards the visiting patrons. Providing and maintaining a safe environment responding to emergency services efficiently and assisting emergency services as required. By operating the company procedures and by maintaining Health & Safety to a high level we achieve our objective.

    Our teams of highly skilled manned guards in United Kingdom have operatedailored, all-encompassing event security measures are the cornerstone of any well-organised event; ensuring proceedings run smoothly and professionally.