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    Our goal is to continue to hire exceptional personnel to provide extraordinary service to create phenomenal results.


    Corporate Security

    Rawal Veritas Ltd. specialise in providing high quality licensed security officers to the retail sector. All our officers are highly trained in the legal requirements for retail security. They also understand electronic security devices (such as Sensormatic tags) and how to utilise such systems to prevent theft or apprehend shoplifters. We offer a wide range of retail security services including door supervisors, uniformed shop-floor security officers (to deter and apprehend shoplifters), plain clothed store detectives, secret shoppers (to test customer service levels and staff honesty) as well as stockroom and head office security. All our staff are trained in incident management such as bomb threats, fire alarms and raids as well as with customer services issues such as abusive or potentially violent customers.

    Our retail security personnel have been educated to help decrease inventory loss and provide additional confidence and assistance to your customers. Your customers will feel safer with our retail security guards present.

    Having a dependable and trustworthy team of retail security personnel on hand is an important aspect of your security plan. To keep your merchandise on the shelves and keep burglars at bay, you’ll need professional and knowledgeable retail security guards. This is where we can assist you. We have a nationwide network of SIA-licensed retail security guards on hand to assist you.

    Our aim is to continue to exceed our customer’s expectations by complementing, and enhancing our performance while ensuring the highest quality of security services. We will provide you with hosts that will take excellent care of your venue and customers with a friendly, professional and flexible approach to security provision. The staff at Rawal Veritas Ltd. is always available to discuss and analyze your security needs. We will carry out audits to identify the strengths and weaknesses in premises and, advise on any or all of your security arrangements. Additionally we will always select the best candidates to satisfy the clients’ needs, delivering best value for money.Our personnel are subject to continuous, random on-site supervision inspections and regular training updates. Also, our security guards are polite and well turned out, trained to SIA standards, 

    Retail Sectors We Cover

    Although each client is unique, we have a dedicated staff that ensures that all of our clients and customers receive the same level of quality and consistency. Facilities we provide retail security for include:

    Protect Your Retail Business

    Are you looking for a dependable, professional retail security company to secure your retail store? As a top provider of retail security guard services in the London and throughout UK, we realize how important it is to keep your stock, customers, and staff safe in order to keep your business running smoothly.

    We can customize a solution specifically for you, regardless of the size or type of your retail needs, from small high-end stores to large mega malls, or whether your security needs are long-term or temporary. Call Rawal Veritas Ltd now for a free no-obligation quotation and discover how our experienced retail security guards can help your retail business today.