Concierge Security

Our Concierge and Reception Services provide you with a highly professional service that you can use on a full-time, or ad-hoc basis to supplement your own staff to cover holiday and sickness or through periods of heavy workloads.

Our staff can provide simple meeting and greeting or switchboard call handling – or maintain front of house security, monitoring movements and ensuring that only authorized people gain entry in a friendly but authoritative manner.

In any business, first impressions are vital. They have a long lasting influence on the way people view the whole company. We ensure that the reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly, your visitors will feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk through the door. It’s not just about looking smart and being efficient but also having a professional approach to make people feel at ease and reassured about your organisation.

We also provide Security Officers for Reception duties and provide a Complete Concierge Service to a number of clients. Members of this elite team are handpicked for their Inter-personal skills, immaculate appearance and professional ability. As a result, clients know that both their public reception areas and private office space are being managed pro-actively and professionally. Concierge services offered include: full Reception duties, visitor screening, regulating visitor parking, managing incoming and outgoing mail, checking plant and electrical equipment as well as monitoring electrical appliances (for environmental and cost-saving) and patrolling premises, inside and outside, day and night

Fully Managed Concierge Services for Your Business

We do provide a highly professional security reception services that is second to none that will turn out to be a valued addition to your existing staff. We employ trained and experienced security staff that can perform all duties and responsibilities required for a reception security personnel.

From providing a warm welcome to visitors to your location, switchboard call handling, access control, monitoring of movements. Our security reception service will ensure that only authorized people can access your location and ensure that the health and safety regulation are strictly adhered to.As well as the day to day tasks a receptionist would usually complete, our highly trained staff are also able to conduct security exercises such as patrolling your premises, answering alarms and disturbances, and liaising with emergency services should any situation arise.

Concierge and Reception Sectors We Cover

Our reception concierge services provider are highly professional.  You can hire our concierge security services on a full-time or part-time basis to seamlessly supplement your own staff for holiday and sickness cover or heavy workloads.

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